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So You Want A Pet?

A Pet Dog, A Pet Cat, A Pet Rabbit, A Pet Hamster, or Perhaps Some Goldfish?

You have made the decision that you would like to own a pet, but the trouble is you are not sure which type of pet is best suited to you.

It is easy to walk through an animal shelter and see a gorgeous puppy dog gazing adorably up at you, or a cute little kitten all fluffy and playful, but you need to be sure of a few things before you take the next stage in pet ownership.


Cats, Dogs and many other types of pets are able to give us totally unconditional loyalty, they can provide friendship and are great companions.  You do, however have to bear in mind that deciding to own a pet is a big decision, and especially if you choose a pet cat or a pet dog, they require lots of time and financial commitment.  A dog or cat can live for 15 years or more. 


It can, and will be very rewarding to own a pet, but you do have to look at a few pointers first.


Some of the questions you should be asking yourself are:-


For what reasons do you want to own a pet?  You have to be sure of your own reasons for wanting a pet, and not find yourself being swayed perhaps by the younger members of your family. 


Are you able to afford the financial commitment that will be involved in taking on pet ownership?  There will be vets fees to pay, vaccinations to organize as well as the day to day costs for the pet food etc.  Don’t forget you will probably have to pay for care for your pet whilst you are on vacation.


Do you have the spare time that is necessary to look after your new pet?  Any pet that you choose to own, will need a certain amount of your time, for instance a dog needs walking regularly, a smaller animal needs it’s living areas cleaned out often.


Is your family situation right for a pet at the moment?  If you have very young members of the household you will need to consider this carefully.  A small child can easily hurt or mistreat a new pet.  Are you out at work all day? If so you will need to make sure you only look for a pet that is able to be on its own for long periods of time.


Is your accommodation suitable for a pet? For instance if you decide to have a pet dog, do you have a garden for it to use? Are there plenty of areas to take him for exercise?  If you are in rented accommodation is a pet allowed under the terms of the lease?


Will you be a responsible pet owner? This does not just include caring for and loving your pet, but also getting your pet spayed or neutered as necessary, having vaccinations for your pet, and taking care of your pet if it is ill.  You also need to be prepared to look after your pet for its lifetime, which can be 15 years or more, depending on the pet you choose.


Have you thought about some of the disadvantages of owing a pet? Kittens will scratch your furniture, puppies will make a mess on your carpet until they are house trained, you may well get flea infestations in your home, your dog will need lots of training and so the list can go on. Think carefully about the pro and the cons before you jump into pet ownership.


Once you have gone through all of the above, and are certain which type of pet you would like to own you can then look into where to obtain your new pet.


If you have chosen a pet dog or a pet cat, then a visit to a local re-homing shelter would probably be a good start, or you could go to a recognized puppy or kitten breeder.  You may be lucky enough to know someone whose pet dog or cat has just had a litter of puppies or kittens.


Should you be looking for a smaller pet such as a pet rabbit, pet hamster, pet mice, pet budgie or goldfish take a look in your local pet store.


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